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FusionPro Desktop 6.2 on Mac OS 10.6


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I'm having several issues.

Q1. Can only export 1 record at a time.

Detail: In Acrobat, if I go to FusionPro > Compose... > Input, there is only a "Record Number" field with no option to select all records.


Q2. No option to export as EFI Fiery

Detail: In Acrobat, FusionPro > Compose... > Output Format, I expect to see an EFI option, only choices are:

PostScript, PDF, AFP, VDX, Digimaster-PS, PPML, HP PPML, JLYT, Single-Fie VPS, Multi-File, VPS, VIPP


Q3. Image switch rule does not import image. Image does not show up either in preview mode or in an exported PDF instance.


I'm wondering if these issues are peculiar to the Mac version. Any help is sincerely appreciated.

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I'm running FP 6.2P1a and OS X 10.6.3, but do not have any of the problems you mention. Did you upgrade either the OS or Acrobat with FP already installed? When we upgraded our Mac's OS, we did a fresh install of the apps. Assuming old templates you know have worked before have the same issues, I would suggest a reinstall of the FP software. :(
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It sounds to me like you have FP Designer installed, instead of FP Desktop.


You were right. The problem was I installed it on a computer that wasn't connected to the internet. The serial number I had was good for FusionPro Desktop, but the software does not enable it to be FusionPro Desktop until it can ping the registration server, as I found out.


In regards to the other two issues,

- 2 -

Am I right in assuming exporting as PPML is the same as EFI Fiery?

- 3 -

My graphic switch rule was defined correctly, the graphic area in the pdf just had not yet been associated with the rule. (Strangely, before setting the rule, it displayed "Rule]" instead of "[Field or Rule]". Not sure why that would be).


Thanks for your help!

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