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using complete font family


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I have a business card that I need to create a variable template. The client's corporate design identity indicates that all of their designs MUST utilize the client supplied font family LucidaBright.ttf. So I cannot substitute the font.

I'm working on a MAC OSX Version 10.4.11 - FusionPro Designer 6.0P1f.

My original design file was created in InDesign CS4 along with several other products. I have loaded the font as a system font to eliminate any issues from loading it with Suitcase. I'm able to utilize all of the styles within this font family (Regular, DemiBold, Bold, Italic, DemiItalic, etc...) without any problems in InDesign, Quark, and Illustrator and can export from these applications straight to pdf I can embedded the fonts without any issues.

I have done the usual - Acrobat\FusionPro\Advanced\load fonts\ load all\close Acrobat\reboot\reopen. Several times.

When I open my template and try to apply the fonts as needed in the Variable Text Editor I can see and apply the Lucida Bright - regular style. It will allow me to preview, compose and collect.

However, the other styles of that font family which I desperately need to use do NOT appear in the Variable Text Editor font drop down so that I cannot apply them. When I go into the FusionPro\Fonts folder I can see all of the styles of the font family. Each style of the font is listed in the folder with 3 different extensions - .bfk .pfa and .ttf

I have also tried all of the above on a PC and got the exact same results. How do I get the complete font family to appear in the Variable Text Editor font drop down so that I can use them?

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I use TransType to convert the font from a .ttf to either a .otf or .ps.


This usually helps the situation. If you use TransType, only do one font face at a time. ex: Helvetica Bold.


TransType is pretty cheap compared to the headaches you can run into, as you can see. I would purchase the Mac version as it can convert the font to a Type 1.


I would only load fonts into Suitcase and not into your system fonts folder. Some fonts yes(postal barcodes), but loading fonts all the time into your system font folder could "bog" your system down.

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Thanks for sending over this advice.


I downloaded the DEMO for TransType and it appears to have solved this issue for two of my clients using two different TTF sets. Because it is a DEMO it has distorted the fonts and I will not be able to go foward unless we decide to buy TransType. Not sure if that is going to happen so I really wish FusionPro dealt with TTF better.


I appreciate your help very much!! Thanks!!

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Not sure if that is going to happen


For the price, you cannot beat it. I believe our PREP dept. has even used this on some jobs that weren't even variable. The Mac>PC font game, TransType makes variable life easier.


If you do purchase it, you may have to experiment with different outputs of the font, TT, OTF, and .PS. When I come across a font that we have to convert, I usually make three folders and label them within the job and export all three different versions of the font.

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