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I have a question about how everyone composes and outputs there records.

We have a NexPress that we do some mailing on, and we like to keep our

trays separate for our bindery, so if I have 100 trays, I have 100 separate VDX files for the NexPress, so I make my VDX files like so... compose record 1-222... then 223-781... and so on and then send them to the press via a hot folder... is there a better way to do this so each tray is kept separate from each other, or how are you folks doing it...





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I would try a bigger job to see how the breaking of each tray at the press works(.vdx files in a hot folder) vs. having bindery tray the job.


Somewhere on the piece you should have the sequence number printed for quality concerns and at that time you could put the tray number also next to it. The tray number is what hand bindery looks for to see where it breaks. If the endorsement is on there also, hand bindery could see what 3/5 digit code breakage also is.


I guess one would have to know what your shop is like and what work-flow works better for you. I could see the smaller jobs possibly doing this but some of the larger jobs might not go so smooth(to many .vdx's to RIP, keep together, cutting etc..)


Next big job you get, let's say around 30 trays, I would break out the excel file based on each tray, and compose based on each of the data files.


RIP to a hot folder for the press to import and go from there.


I'm not sure if the outputting based on tray numbers was able to work by script??

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