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2 Users on 1 Mac


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I am using FusionPro on my Mac (details in Sig). We are starting to train a second shift operator that will use my computer when I leave for the day. We set up a second user account and it seems FusionPro works fine in that new user, however, FusionPro palette in InDesign is missing so the new user isn't able to set up new jobs for FusionPro without switching over to my user account. We looked to see if permissions were causing a problem, but didn't come up with anything. Do you know what would be causing the second user to not be able to use the InDesign Plug-In?


Mac G5 PPC OS X.4.11

FusionPro 5.1P2b

Acrobat 8.1.2

InDesign CS3 5.0.3

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We technically do not support FusionPro in any configuration that is permissions restrictive to key directories our program need to write to. It would be easier to grant all users accounts access to the "Library" folder of the hard drive.


You should be able to fix the problem by setting everyone permissions to Read/Write for the InDesign Directory and the Library/Application Support/Adobe Directory and propogating those permissions to all sub folders, then deleting the InDesign Cache from ~/Library/Caches.





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