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numbering jobs on server


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When a user asks for a proof online, is there a way to proof only the first page of what will be a multi page press proof?

We have been doing a lot of numbering (ticket) orders. What we have always done is output one unimposed file on server. Then we take the output and program it with desktop using a sequential numbering rule and imposer.

We would like to do all of this on server but the problem is if the customer ordered 100 cards we would get a 100 page proof preview online.


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Hello, Kristina


This can certainly be done as long as you have FusionPro version 6.0 or greater.


First, take a look at the ticket job over on this thread:



The JavaScript command in there to repeat records is treated in a special manner in MarcomCentral. It will NOT repeat records (showing only the first instance of the composed output) in preview mode in the Store but it WILL repeat after the order is placed and the output is composed either in the Dashboard or offline with FusionPro Desktop 6.0 or greater.


We implemented this functionality for exactly this reason - not wanting to show the customer in the Store a 100 page proof.

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