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Postnet barcodes


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I posted this elsewhere but I'm guessing this is the proper place.


I have a job with delivery point barcode info in the database.

Problem is when I use the "postnet barcode" rule there is a big gap between the frame bars and the zip+checksum codes, but not zip+4+deliverypoint+checksum codes.


The "barcode" rule using <zipcode> from the database looks good (no gap) but the post office bounced it and said it had no check digit.


What is the proper rule to use for a deliverypoint barcode with a mix of 12 and six character codes?


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If your barcode string contains "-", then this is the issue. You need a continous string of 12 characters so that the FusionPro's "Postnet Barcode" rule template can configure it correctly. You also do not need

to use the template if your data string is enclosed in parentheses.

Simply insert the field name, and apply the font "AdvPNET".


If the fields that you are using to construct the "PostNet Barcode Rule"

contain "-", then we will need to write a specific logic to strip it out.

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Create an empty rule and try this logic:


barcodeData = Field("Barcode Data");

newBarcodeData = '(' + ReplaceSubstring(barcodeData, ':', '') + ')';

return newBarcodeData;

Check the box for "Treat Return Strings As Tagged Text".

Give the rule a name. Click "OK' "Ok"

Insert the rule name and apply the fon "AdvPNET".

Note: As long as your data string has the check digit, it should work.

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