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Text Formatting rule validates but returns nothing?


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Any ideas why the following code validates fine, correctly replacing all placeholders in a tagged resource file, but seems to return nothing when rule is assigned to a text frame on the template?

// custom superscript code
function superSize ( str )
str = str.replace(/(\(r\))/ig,"<superscript>®</superscript>");
str = str.replace(/(\(c\))/ig,"<superscript>©</superscript>");
str = str.replace(/(\(tm\))/ig,"<superscript>™</superscript>");
str = str.replace(/(\(sm\))/ig,"<superscript>™</superscript>");
return str;

var disclaimer = Resource("disclaimer-english-1").content;
// only the CPDS signs have a unique disclaimer
if (Field("page") == "buckslip") {
   disclaimer = Resource("disclaimer_english_2").content;

// replace [period] placeholder with correct number of months
if (Field("campaign").indexOf("12") > -1) {
   disclaimer = disclaimer.replace("[period]","12");
else disclaimer = disclaimer.replace("[period]","6");

// insert departments for 12PS signs
if (Field("department") != "") {
   var departments = Field("department").split("<br>");
   var deptString = departments.join(", ");
   disclaimer = disclaimer.replace("[department]",deptString  + " ");
else disclaimer = disclaimer.replace("[department]","");

return superSize(disclaimer);

I thought it had something to do with the .content property, but if I remove that I can't validate at all. I have the tagged value box checked, and yes, the record in question should return something as it falls under the Resource("disclaimer-english-1") condition.

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While I'd still like to figure out how to make the original code work, my workaround for this project was to copy the contents of the text resources and paste them into JavaScript Globals as separate vars. Then, instead of assigning a rule's variable to a text file, I assigned it to the global variable. So this:

var disclaimer = Resource("disclaimer-english-1").content;

becomes this:

var disclaimer = eng_disc_1;

with eng_disc_1 being defined as a global variable available to multiple rules.

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