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Format Phones and Suppress Label


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I am creating a business card with the option to have direct, mobile, and fax numbers. The user can choose to have all three, two, or only one.

The card, however, needs to have a label before the actual number (ex. Direct 000.000.0000 Mobile 111.111.1111 Fax 222.222.2222)

I am trying to create a rule that does the following:

Give the user to choose the phone numbers they would like to have; however, the numbers that are pulled from Excel aren't formatted as I would like them to appear (They currently are formatted as ( (000) 000-0000), but I want them to be formatted to include dots in between. Also, if they don't want to have a certain number, I want it to suppress the label.


John wants to only to have his mobile and fax number; therefore, it would look like:

Mobile 111.111.1111 Fax 222.222.2222

However, if he wanted direct, mobile, and fax, it would look like this:

Direct 000.000.0000 Mobile 111.111.1111 Fax 222.222.2222

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These sorts of formats are often pretty specific to each piece. Here's a rule that would work for this one but would need a lot of adjusting if the format changed much.

function format_numbers(label_number)
    var output = "";

    for (i = 1; i < label_number.length; i += 2)
        var n = label_number[i].replace(/\D/g, ""); //remove any formatting from number
        if (n.length > 6) //check to see if number is present
            output += '<b>' + label_number[i -1] + '</b>' + " "; //set bold label + space
            if (n[0] == "1") //check if number starts with a 1
                output += "1.";
            if (n.length > 7) //check for area code
                output += n.substr(-10,3) + ".";
            output += n.substr(-7,3) + "." +n.substr(-4,4); //split number up and add periods
            if (i < label_number.length -1) //add a seperator space between numbers if its not the last one
                output += " ";
    return output;

//format as [Label, Number, Label, Number, etc];
return format_numbers(["Direct", Field("Direct Number"), "Mobile", Field("Mobile Number"), "Fax", Field("Fax Number")]);


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Thomas's solution is good, but there's a handy FormatPhoneNumber function built into FusionPro which will do most of the heavy lifting for you.  So you should be able to just do something like this:

var nums = {
  "Direct": Field("Direct Number"),
  "Mobile": Field("Mobile Number"),
  "Fax": Field("Fax Number"),

var result = [];
for (var label in nums)
    if (nums[label])
        result.push(label.bold() + " " + FormatPhoneNumber(nums[label]));
return result.join(" ");
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My biggest issue with the FormatPhoneNumber function is when you have a 1 it forces the format to start with +1 . I suppose you could use a replace on it, in this case:

result.push(label.bold() + " " + FormatPhoneNumber(nums[label]).replace("+1 ", "1."));

It is rather annoying though, I wish there was a FormatPhone function that worked more like the FormatNumber one where you can just use something like FormatPhone("1.###.###.####", num).

Also, the .bold() is new to me, apparently its an old deprecated function in javascript, but seems super useful in FusionPro. Thanks for that!

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