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Auto scale 2 lines of text by the same amount


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I have a wall plate with 3 text lines:

Line 1:  NAME (all caps) - 48 pt text
Line 2: Title Line 1 - 32 pt text
Line 3: Title Line 2 - 32 pt text

In one large text box I have placed 3 rules:

Rule-Name:  Returns the Name field in all caps
Rule-Title1:  CopyfitLine returns the "Title Line 1" field
Rule-Title2:  CopyfitLine returns the "Title Line 2" field

The text box has Overflow setting as 'Use defaults'


Here's what I am trying to do:
- None of the lines should wrap. (I have "Do not break on copyfit" selected in the Paragraph settings)
- I would like the Name field to auto scale independently of the 2 Title lines. Sometimes titles tend to be quite long but I don't want the Name field to scale down as a result. Keep the Name field as close to (or equal to) 48 pt text at all times regardless of what's going on with the Title lines.
- The first line (Name) should only scale down if the name is too wide to fit on one line)
- The two "Title" lines should also scale down if either one is too wide. However, the need to scale down by the same amount. If Title Line 1 needs to shrink down to 22 point text to fit from left to right, then Title Line 2 should also shrink down to 22 point.

As you can imagine what's happening now is, the two Title lines are scaling down independently of each other. So the end result might be Title Line 1 is 30 point text while Title Line 2 is 22 point text.

How can I get both lines to scale down by the same amount?


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It would be easier to help with a bit more information, at the very least the versions of FusionPro, Acrobat, and Windows or Mac that you're running.  Posting a collected sample job would be even better, so that whoever is helping does not have to recreate a template with this scenario from scratch.

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