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Return elements of an array unless they contain a PO Box


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I'm using a script from the forum to feed values into an array and then return only the fields that contain an address.

The problem is I don't want to return the field if the address is a PO Box.

I've tried a number of things, but can't quit get there...

Here's my script where it stands now:

//Create array to deal with multiple options

var listOptions = []; //declare array
var outlaw = /^(?:Post(?:al)? (?:Office )?|P[. ]?O\.? )?Box(?:\s\d+)?$/i;

for (i=1;i<=3;i++) { //setup loop to cycle through optional fields (must match number of fields)
    var option = Field("Address"+i);
    if ((option != "")  && (option != outlaw)) { //if the optional field is not blank  and doesn't contain "PO Box" then add to array
    return listOptions.join(", "); //list the array values separated by comma + space


Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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You're very close.  The "if" line should be:

    if (option != "" && !outlaw.test(option)) { //if the optional field is not blank  and doesn't contain "PO Box" then add to array

You created a regular expression object to test against a string for a match, but you then have to call RegExp.test, or a similar method such as String.match, to check the string against the regular expression for a match.

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