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Horizontal lines ("rules") above or below paragraphs?

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FusionPro Creator 13.0.2 on an M1 Mac running Monterey 12.4, and Windows servers running FusionPro Producer and Server.

Is there a way to make what InDesign calls "Paragraph rules", horizontal lines above and/or below a paragraph? It's probably something obvious I'm just missing, but I have looked through the forums and Tags Reference Guide, to no avail. Ideally they would be as configurable as InDesign, such as offset, line weight, width, etc.

Thanks in advance.

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There's 2 ways to do this. The most configurable way is with tables. There's detailed instructions in the Tables section of the user guide under "The FPTable JS Object".

Alternatively you could also set them up with inline graphics. Create the line as a PDF and bring it in between paragraph tags using the <graphic> tag.

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