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Newer FusionPro Templates with Older FusionPro Direct/Server


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Hello everyone,


Starting with the FusionPro v6.2 release, a change has been made to the FusionPro Direct and FusionPro Server products which users of those products should be aware of.


FusionPro Direct and FusionPro Server v6.2 or greater will no longer attempt to compose FusionPro templates created with a NEWER version of the FusionPro Desktop product.


For example, FusionPro Server 6.2 will not compose a template created with FusionPro Desktop 7.0 (a forthcoming release). FusionPro Server 7.0 will not compose templates created with FusionPro Desktop 7.1.


This change has been made to prevent situations where templates that utilize new enhancements to the FusionPro template format (or even underlying template format changes that are not apparent to the user) are attempted to be composed with older versions of the FusionPro Direct or Server product which has no knowledge of this new functionality. The end result of such a configuration is quite unpredictable and can include crashes at composition time or missing/incorrect variable content.


While this change will not affect any user for the time being (since v6.2 is the current version of FusionPro at the time of writing of this post), this is something that FusionPro Direct and Server customers should be aware of once the FusionPro v7.0 release is made available.

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