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Field width of HTML-form


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Product: FP Desktop 5.x, Mac and PC. Browser: All. Acrobat: 7 and 8.


When defining an HTML-form, it would be nice to have a wider visible field (or "window") where you can enter data. The visible width of the field is limited to 17-18 characters. You can enter as much data as you like, but then you have to scroll sideways in order to see it all.

I know it is possible to set up a multi-line field beeing x number of lines deep.

Is it possible to configure a wider field (or "window") where you can enter your data? Can it be done with HTML?

When setting up a business card, this is useful for longer names and addresses.

See attached file for an example.



Rolf Gaarder


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Hi Rolf,


The form you see when you click the "Preview Form" button on the Web DataCollect dialog is, as it states, merely a sample. What you're really generating with the HTML Form Definition feature is an XML file which describes the kinds of fields and controls you want on your entry form. The idea is that you'll run that XML through a custom XSL transformation (filter) to create an HTML form in the style you want. That's what's meant by the text on the sample form, "Exact appearance will vary based on the settings of the web server."


So, the limitation you describe exists only in the sample Preview form. Any limitation on what you can do in your own HTML form that you generate with a custom XSL transformation is a limitation in HTML itself. And yes, you can specify the width of an input form in HTML. The point is that there's no enhancement to be made to FusionPro; the change that you need to make is in your own XSL transformation.


A full discussion of exactly how XSL works is beyond the scope of this forum; it's assumed that you have some knowledge of XML and XSL technologies if you're utilizing this feature. However, you can take a look at the XSL files in the WebCollect folder to see what the sample transformation is doing.

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