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Acrobat Crashes when Defining HTML Form


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This problem happens randomly so testing it to find out exactly what is happening every time it crashes is difficult. But it seems that when I am trying to Define the HTML Form (either "From Current Data" or "From XML File") in a PDF that I have already done some HTML form defining for, Acrobat crashes.


I export the InDesign file to Acrobat, create all the rules, resources, etc., define the HTML form, save, collect for output, test it and decide I need to change the form a bit, go in to FusionPro > Define HTML Form > From Current Data... and then bam. Acrobat crashes.


I have quit and restarted Acrobat and FP, restarted my computer, Loaded Fonts (I recently had a font issue on my mac and had to un-install and re-install the font management software so I thought fonts might be the issue), restarted the computer again, shut the computer off and came back to it the next day - nothing works short of re-exporting from InDesign and starting from scratch every time.


This is a new phenomena that just started a couple of days ago. Anyone else experience this? It's a major problem and is preventing me from getting my work done.

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