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Interleave 2 of 5 Barcode


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I'm trying to apply an Interleave 2 of 5 Barcode.

An example of a code is 555555532722721928.

If I use "return Make2of5Barcode(Field("New Field"),false)",

my scanner doesn't read it.

If I use the value 532722721928, my scanner reads 05327227219288.

If I use the value 55532722721928, my scanner won't read it.

If I encode 55532722721928 via IDAutomation.com, and copy and paste the Encoded Text, and apply the right font, then my scanner reads 55532722721928. However, I cannot add anymore digits -ie, 5555532722721928 will not read.


I'm stumped how to get 555555532722721928 to read. Any thoughts?

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That second parameter to the Make2of5Barcode, which you are currently setting to false, specifies whether a checksum digit should be encoded:


You might want to try setting it to true instead and see if that works better with your scanner. And check the documentation for your scanner to see whether it's expecting the checksum or not.

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