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XML input


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According to your latest product sheet (page 2), it shows XML as a viable input along with ODBC and CSV files.


Accepts a variety of formats, including tagged text, flat files,



I can't figure out how to link an XML file from my customer into Fusion Pro as an input option.


Can you please point me in the right direction?


Thanks in advance,

Jonathan Brewer

Director of Interactive Services

First Edge Solutions

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FusionPro will accept tagged markup as its input. This tagging can be well-formed XML, with the entire file wrapped in <job> and </job> tags. However, while FusionPro will accept a well-formed XML file as tagged markup input, it does not require the tagged markup to be well-formed XML.


In either case, whether the tagged markup file is well-formed XML or not, it must use the specific tags documented in the Tags Reference Guide that's installed with FusionPro. Specifically, the <record></record> and <story> tags must be used to denote records and data fields.

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