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My first variable graphic

Ellie Mae

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I have variable maps for a postcard. They are Illustrator eps files.

I followed instructions by adding resources and locating the pictures, created a new graphic rule using "switch rule" option. I have the switch rule editor up and it shows my rule name- "Maps", Mapname and return value for each map looks good. Below it says If "mapname" == "Albuquerquemap.Eps" then return "AlbequerqueMap.eps".


My maps are not showing up in my graphic box. I have been through the book twice and don't see anything wrong.


Can someone tell me what I might look for? Need live proof in a couple of hours.



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I think I may have moved the maps and lost the link. Got that re-linked and now I have maps! Still working on layout, but I get the message:


Job started 14:49:23 - 1265294963.

Creator: FusionPro Desktop 6.0P1f

Computer Name: Mac1’s Computer

Current working folder: /

Template File: /Users/mac1/Desktop/Ticketmlr NoVarOP.dif

Input File: /Users/mac1/Desktop/PS Phoenix -Proof KIM.csv

Job Config File: /Users/mac1/Desktop/Ticket test.cfg

Composing record #1, input record 1

Font <Arial> is not a loaded font. Using default instead.

Converting EPS file /Users/mac1/Desktop/ProSource Winning ticket Mailer/Maps/AlbuquerqueMap.eps to PDF format.

Composing record #2, input record 2

Converting EPS file /Users/mac1/Desktop/ProSource Winning ticket Mailer/Maps/BaltimoreMap.eps to PDF format.


Is this normal?

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