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Return only 1 page of PDF based on Field


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Super new to FusionPro. I reached out to Marcom for help with this and they recommended that I use the PageUsage rule but I'm having a hard time writing the proper code to make this work.

I have a 2 page PDF, each page is a different template. If the field "design" is "Basic" then I only want it to use page 1. If the field is "Featured" then I want it to only use page 2.


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So add all pages as a single PDF, i.e. fronts and back with their variable frame layouts and specified field names within.  Then name each page(Fusionpro>>Manage Pages>>Page Usage

Set the pages to “Unused”. Instead of naming the pages, giving them unique names for the fronts 


Then create the rule, (Create Rules>>New>>>Callback>>OnRecordStart). We will use the field values as in this sample code.


 The rule below can be simplified greatly by only activating the page you need, since all the pages are marked unused initially. 


So it can be reduced like this example:


                if (Field("Design") == "Basic")

                     FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage("Basic Page 1", true);


                if (Field("Design") == "Featured")

                    FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage("Featured Page 2", true);



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