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Multiple paged rule


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I'm not sure if you can write a rule for this. I thought out UI rules, but it will take forever. I have an 8 page template. Each page have 12 drop down images to choose from. The client wants it so when "image1" is chosen, the other 7 pages cannot choose "image1". Any suggestions? :confused:

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This is a perfect example for using a new UI Rule feature just release called "Selective Exclusion." This feature must be activated by your CPM first and "Selective Exclusion" will only appear in the UI Rules if you have fields sharing a dropdown list.


This works with both text dropdowns or image dropdowns. For Text dropdown lists, you must use a Library Text list for 2 or more fields; which assures that both lists are the same. For Graphic fields, using an Image Collection for each field is the best way to utilize this, but you can also just select the images from the list of Images associated to the template.


After the list for each of the fields has been established (all 12 in your case), go to the UI Rules tab and select the "Selective Exclusion" UI Rule and Add a Rule Instance. The selection box will show each of the fields using a dropdown, select your 12 fields sharing the same list and click OK. Now when you preview it, each field will have the value selected in any of the others removed from its list. This is also available in the MarcomCentral Help on the UI Rules tab.


This is just one of many new enhancements available. To find out more about new release content you can register for Printable Announcements here: http://www.printable.com/announcement-signup/


Hope this finds you well!

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