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Problem imposing PDF generated by the dashboard

Brian F.

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We have stores with products that allow the customers to customize a postcard with their information and specify an address. We then generate a mailing list of 200 addresses outside of the store process. This list then gets added into the postcard in FP Desktop and a variable file is created for output. The output file has the records 4 up and stacked.


My issue is this...


I want to use the non-imposed 1up PDF from the Dashboard and create the variable fields in it for the addressing. That's no problem. The problem occurs when I impose it using a FP Imposer imposition. In the 1up file from the dashboard, the file is all there including 1/16 bleed. When I impose it 4up, the bleed is gone and it is placed in the upper left corners of the imposition. It creates a white gap around them and the crops of course don't line up. Please see the attached pdf examples. One is the 1up from the Dashboard. The other is the 4up imposed result.


Am I missing something? I've tried changing all the different settings for Crop Box, Art Board, etc in Acrobat. Nothing works.


I've been laying out the 1up in indesign and basically making a new FP pdf. It seems like this is an extra step I shouldn't have to do.

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The Problem is that when you use the 1 up version of the output file it is built to the bleed size. What ever the finish size is, you set it up so that the output PDF includes the bleed, making the size of the PDF 9.13x6.13".


Imposer can only place the cropmarks at the document size of the PDF, which on the output/press PDF is 9.13x6.13". So unfortunately grabbing the PDF and adding the text box for the address is not all you have to do.


To resolve this, I placed both sides of the PDF into an Indesign document built to the trim size. I built the frame with the placed front and back to the bleed, added the address frame, exported the doc., assigned the data file, inserted the variables, applied the imposition and output it. See attached:


You can still grab the 1-up PDF, add your address content and compose all of the records as one up PDFs. You will then have to impose the item using an alternate imposition application, that allows you to dictate the position of the cropmarks.


Hope this helps


PTI sample.pdf

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