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Appending Rules


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Hello all,


Hope everyone had a happy holiday (or are still having one). For those of us who work for slave-drivers and are still on the job, I have a question for you...


I know that you can copy rules and resources from an existing template to another by using the "import data file" selection from the FusionPro setup wizard. However this method will erase the existing rules and resources from the new template (Template-B) and replace them with the existing ones from Template-A.


What if you simply want to COMBINE the two templates? I don't want to erase the existing rules and resources from Template-A, I just want to "append the rules and resources" from Template-B into A? Does someone know of a way to combine the rules and resources from one or more templates together into a single template?


Thanks. Have a safe New Year.


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I don't know if it is possible to combine rules from 2 separate templates, but I work around this issue by appending new rules to the RuleTemplates.English.js.

That way, I can add the new rule with just a click of the button.

Hope this helps.

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