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Default Re: Horizontal Scale of Font

Originally Posted by Dan Korn View Post
Or you could just do this:
return 'Regular text <magnify type=setwidth factor=75>text that is 75% the width. </magnify>Back to regular text.';
Sure, but where's the difficulty in that?

Originally Posted by DSweet View Post
So the "magnify" closing tag will shut off ALL attributes that are set after the opening tag? No matter how many or what style? Or do you still need the closing tags for styles such as "bold" or "superscript"? What about settings such as a temporary setting for the superscript size and offset?

Or does "magnify" just create a sort of formatting sub-routine section and the closing magnify tag simply closes this sub-routine and reverts the style and settings back to those of the original text box?
I'd say it's closer to the latter of those two options. The "magnify" tag doesn't really alter the values of any previously set tags, it just applies magnification (pardon the redundancy) of a certain type text, textwidth, textheight, leading, or tracking. I believe it's the tag that FusionPro applies behind the scenes when a text flow is copy-fitted. More information can be found on page 66-67 of the TagsRefGuide.pdf of the FP documentation.
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