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Default Pausing FP API

When I run a large list using the Server version, the command window comes up - like usual. I was wondering if typing Ctrl-C to get the command window to prompt me and ask whether or not I want to continue "Y" or "N" ... is that technically "pausing that instance of Fusion Pro" from processing?

Asking this because we have one project that is so memory intensive with look-ups in external files and placing of graphics that only one instance of Fusion Pro can process at a time. Our server is at 32 GB of RAM but that apparently isn't enough. Eventually Fusion Pro runs out of memory and either simply crashes or it completes the job without embedding any of the graphics or fonts in the resulting pdf files.

The problem is that it takes 2 complete days (averaging 41 to 44 hours) of continual processing to finish the entire job. During that time NOTHING else is able to run no matter how small and insignificant the size it is.

We do split the job up into several smaller batches so there is a slight pause in between portions of this job but once a batch run begins we are technically down until it completes.

I was wondering if I could temporarily pause Fusion Pro using this method?
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