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Default dlpdfdocwritepdf error

Not my day today...Hopefully the last question (of this job )...

I'm getting the error "dlpdfdocwritepdf, progress Doc->PageCount is zero error" on record 1 of the uploaded template. I've read this is caused when a job doesn't generate output. It works fine for record 2 (and all other records in my live data) and the only difference is the large amount of pages that will be produced in record 1 (about 56). It always throws the error on page 36.

Could be related to my OnPageCount and OnPageNumber rules?? I don't think I have these set up right, but they're working. Although they may be sloooowing down my composition the way they are.

FYI - I tricked the file uploader and put a .pdf on the end of the "Standard Letter Fee Schedule Discount June 27 mailing_r1.pdf" it should be .txt. - My file size was too big as a .txt

Once again, thank you all for your help!!
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