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Bar Code - Zip Code issues

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Hello There,


I'm running an addressing job. I have the data file as an excel file.

When I started doing the imposition, there was an error coming out relative to bar code.

I realized in the zip code column (on the data file) most of the zip codes are composed with a dash sign in between (xxxx-xxx) but there are some zip codes that are missing the dash (xxxx xxxx).

How can I fix that error or tell FP to add the dash automatically?


Thank You!

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hey there...


The easiest way might be to fix it in excel, baring that, I would use a function to check the length of the sting. If it's 10 digits, it's zip dash 4. If, it's 5, then let it go through just as the zip. If it's 9 then add the dash into the string (look under string functions). If it's anything else, the zip may be incomplete.

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