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FusionPro Desktop v6.1 for Mac Now Available!


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Hello everyone,


FusionPro Desktop version 6.1 for Mac is now available! This is a complementary upgrade for any FusionPro Desktop 6.x licensee.



New Features

The FusionPro Desktop 6.1 for Mac release includes 3 new features:


  • Mac OS 10.6 support (Snow Leopard)
  • DirectSmile Template Design with FusionPro Desktop
  • Underline/strikethrough enhancements

Additional information about the 6.1 release, feature-set, and addressed issues can be found in both the FusionPro 6.1 release notes as well as the FusionPro VDP Software Version History page.


For users with Mac OS 10.6, please review instructions on installing Rosetta in order to use FusionPro Desktop with this OS.


Note that the use of DirectSmile requires either FusionPro Direct, FusionPro Server, or MarcomCentral with an add-on module to enable this new functionality. Please review the release notes for additional information about this capability and contact Printable at sales@printable.com with any questions regarding obtaining this new functionality.



Upgrades and New Licenses

This release is a complementary upgrade to all FusionPro 6.0 customers (your FusionPro 6.0 serial number can be used to install this release).


FusionPro 6.0 customers can download the 6.1P1m release from the FusionPro VDP Software Download page.


FusionPro Desktop 6.1 upgrades are available for all FusionPro Desktop 3.x, 4.x, and 5.x customers at a discounted upgrade price of $299 per license. New licenses of FusionPro Desktop 6.1 are available for $599 per license. Upgrade and full new versions can be purchased from the FusionPro Desktop Store.


FusionPro Server and MarcomCentral customers who are active on their maintenance are entitled to an upgrade of their FusionPro VDP software. FusionPro Server customers can obtain their upgrades by contacting the FusionPro VDP Support team while FusionPro Web customers can contact their CPM to inquire about the upgrade.



MarcomCentral Support of FusionPro Desktop 6.1 Templates

Printable has completed testing of the FusionPro v6.1 template format and it is currently compatible with MarcomCentral.



As always, thank you for your continued support!

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