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Multiple Compositions


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Hi there,


I'm pretty new to FusionPro and am struggling to find a solution to a problem. Hoping someone here can help!


I have a script which loops through a Product field in my data file and pulls in the relevant PDF for that particular product. It's working perfectly. The problem is that depending on the product type, the pages need to be printed in a particular way (ie. Pages 1 and 2 duplex, Page 3 simplex, all remaining pages Duplex). This is no problem as the resulting PPML file is simply dropped onto a pre-configured print queue.


In order to ensure that I process only the records for output type 1, I have a global which I set before I hit Compose. I get my PPML containing all products whose product type is '1'. I then need to go into 'Edit Rules' and change my global to '2', in order to ensure that the next file contains only records that match product type '2'.


So, my question is this.


Can I automate the changing of the global and recompose programatically?


What I'd like to do is hit Compose and have my script create an output file which will contain only records whose product type is '1', then AUTOMATICALLY compose a NEW file but this time processing only product '2' records. I then end up with 2 different output files which I then drop onto the relevant print queue.


It's as though I need a Recompose() method which I can call in the On Job End callback handler (is that the correct term?!).


Anyone know if this is possible?


Many thanks,





(FusionPro Desktop 6.1Pe Windows)

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