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Output based on a tag item inside the data file


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I would like to know if it is possible to program a filebreak value inside a data file and call the OnNewOutputFile CallBack rule via that file.


Our scenario: We would like to print out pick tickets and inventory control sheets via a data file. These tickets would need to be individual pdf files according to the client job number. These individual pdf ticket files can have as many a 5 pages to as little as 1 page depending on how much is being shipped or called from inventory. Our Data Dept would like to give us one data file that is processed for multiple clients with each record simply being the building of a list for each ticket. If that client's ticket has 10 items being shipped (1 page) then there would be 10 lines of data then a "page break" record to separate from the next client. The next client may have 100 items being shipped (2 or 3 pages to be printed) then following those 100 data records would be another "page break" record.


The total data file would contain 112 data records (client 1: 10 + 1 break record, client 2: 100 + 1 break record).


I can build the growing table file easily and overflow it to a second or third page just as easily, what I need to know is can the OnNewOutputFile rule be controlled and invoked by the "page break" value set in the extra record in the data file or somehow tied to when that page in FusionPro is actually composed via a "FusionPro.Composition.composeThisRecord" command being set from false to true?


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