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jlt for Indigo S2000


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I am new and still crawling through. My hope is Desktop will out perform Smart Stream.


I believe I followed the steps, but did not end up with a file actually labeled jlt.


Also, is there a method for handling 6 point type?






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When composing, make sure you're choosing the JLYT option in the first tab (overview?), and then confirm that your output file name ends with the .jlt suffix. I have had times where it kept the .pdf suffix even though it was a .jlt file. You can also confirm the path for the saved file to make sure it's dropping where you are expecting it to.


As for the font, you can enter a point size manually if it is not listed in the drop down, but keep in mind that JLYT files can only use integer values for fonts sizes (6 pt is fine, but 6.5 pt would give an error). There is a checkbox in the compose dialog (advanced?) where you can request all fonts be rounded to nearest whole integer (good for when you are using the "expand to fit" option.

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