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Question about FP Imposer


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I have a question about the fusion pro imposer. We are printing a 15000 record pdf on shells. The shells are printed already and they are 2 up and 2 sided. The problem is, they are a tumble meaning when you flip the page over, the words are always facing up. On each side of the shell though is a different side of the document. Meaning whne you are looking at the blank shell it has page 1 of the varialbe pdf, on one side and the other side will need page 2 printed on it.


I'm not sure if that was explained well enough, but what i'm trying to do is set up the FPI file so that I can have a 12x18 press sheet and have the tumble, but on the top have it be pages 1 and 2 and then on the bottom have it be pages 2 and 1.


I tried rotating all of the different things and tried a bunch of options but i can't seem to set it up where it can be 2 up with opposing pages on each side.


Does anyone know how to do what i'm talking about? Does anyone understand what i'm talking about?




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I try to use FP imposer as much as I can, but for some difficult projects I've found it easier to use Quark with the Yours Truly plug in (HP should have provided this to you) to design custom imposition templates and then apply those templates to RIPed files.
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