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Fusion Pro Links and Direct Smile

Ellie Mae

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I was asked to find out about Links and DirectSmile. I am Mac based, using FusionPro Desktop 6.0. Do these two applications do the same thing? Sorry I am a bit confused. I have signed up for the Links Webinar next week, but just need a rundown of what each does.


We want to do the personalized graphics and Purls. I checked out DirectSmile, but it only works with PC unless I do a dual boot or run both Operating Systems at the same time. Sounds like a lot of trouble. Does Links do the same thing as DirectSmile?



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Hello Ellie,


As pmhapp mentioned, FusionPro Links is our web-based Personalized URL and Microsite application. DirectSmile (http://www.directsmile.com) is the technology to create personalized images for FusionPro VDP print-based output.


We offer these solutions for customers with both Mac and Windows. For FusionPro Links, it's entirely web-based so only a web browser is needed.


For the DirectSmile integration, you can design templates in FusionPro Desktop that includes a DirectSmile image in it and proof that design. After proofing in Desktop, the production of FusionPro output with DirectSmile images in that output requires either our FusionPro Direct or Server product with the DirectSmile software and an integration module we provide, or it requires our MarcomCentral web-based solution with the DirectSmile add-on.

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