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Comparing Dates


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// If you are building a coupon that has an expiration date, you

// want to make sure that today's date is before the coupon's

// start date and before the end of the coupon's expiration. The

// following rule checks the start and end dates of the coupon against

// today's date. There are two fields in your data, "CouponStart" and "CouponEnd".

date1 = DateFromString(Today());

date2 = DateFromString(Field("CouponStart");

date3 = DateFromString(Field("CouponEnd");

if (date3 > date1 && date2 > date1)

return "Expires: " + Field("CouponEnd");


return "Invalid Start or End Date";



//You can also check to see if the start date is after the end date:

date1 = DateFromString(Field("CouponStart");

date2 = DateFromString(Field("CouponEnd");

if (date2 < date3)

return "Expires: " + Field("CouponEnd");


return '<color name="Red">Error: End Date is earlier than Start Date';

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