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ExternalDataFile vs. ExternalDataFileEx


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I've discovered something strange between


ExternalDataFile() and ExternalDataFileEx()


my data file is a tab delimited file, but some of the data starts with a quotation mark, such as ["Sesame Street" debuted] with everything between the brackets being a piece of data I need to bring in.


When using the depreciated version, everything works fine,

when using ExternalDataFileEx() only [sesame Street] is brought in. (no quotes and nothing after the second quote)


I have the delimiter called out in fusion as "\t"


Any idea on why this is happening or how to work around it? It appears Fusion thinks: " is the delimiter and moves on. Everything else works fine.


In the mean time I'm continuing to use the old version.

Does the old version work in 6.x? (I'm using FP5.0 on OS 10.4)

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I was having a similar problem a while back with my main data file linked to the template. The problem was only when the first character of a data field was a double-quote. For some reason, FP would see that as a text qualifier. If the double quote was anywhere else in the data field, it processed it fine.


It is interesting that one works and one does not though. I do see both versions still in use in 6.x but I do not know if they retain the difference in functionality that you described.

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