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Copy Formatted Text Resources from one job to another


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Is it possible to import Formatted Text Resources from another job without replacing the existing resources. What we are trying to accomplish is have two people working on the same job in separate files. Then we want to combine the resources into one job at the end.




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Although not the prettiest solution, I am able to open the .def file of the "duplicate" template (with resources I want to import) in a text editor. When I do, I can find the proper XML code for the resource(s) I want to include in my "live" template. The formatting of the resource looks like this:


  Name = "---" 
<![CDATA[<p style="(no style)" br="false" override="true" quad="L" findent="0" lindent="0" rindent="0" leadbefore="0" leadafter="0" widows="2" kerning="true" hyphenate="true" skipifempty="false" skipifemptyvar="false" noparabreakoncopyfit="false"><tracking newsize="0.000000"><f Name="Helvetica Neue"><z newsize="12.0"><color Name="Black">This is a test only]]></FormattedResource> 
  Name = "---" 
  Type = "Text" 

I can copy this information and paste it into the existing .def file for the "live" template prior to or immediately following the existing resources found there. Save the .def file and then re-import it into your template, and all resources will be updated accordingly.


Keep in mind that you will need to compose at least one record in both the "live" and "duplicate" templates to create the .def files you will need.

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