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formatting specific symbols


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I'm building a business card variable template that will go on one of our clients corporate web-to-print stores. There is a variable field where the user can enter their degree information (ex. CRPC) The graphic designer has requested that when the symbols ®, TM, or SM appear beside a Degree (ex. AAMS®) these marks should be reduced in point size to approx. 75% of Degree point size, then superscripted so the top aligns with the Cap height in the name. To make things even more complicated this Degree field will be part of the CopyFitLine Rule. Is it possible to write a rule that will accomplish this? I'm concerned that if a degree has the letters TM or SM within it that the rule will apply this formatting in the middle of a word. Any advice or direction on where to go to get more info would be appreciated. :confused:
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