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Formatting International Phone Numbers in QR Code

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I have reviewed other topics in this forum for international numbers, but none are a solution for me regarding QR Codes.

I have a business card with international names, address and Phone numbers for example. 

I have attached a pdf proof as an example. 

The problem is the QR Code Form keeps converting the intl phone number to a domestic style. It over rides the javascript. 


I guess I would need to not use a Form for QR, but a whole jasvascript for it. Is there a solution for that?

I picked this rule up from the forum, it worked as a stand alone, but it didn't work in the QR code for me. 

var s = "4915161156739";
s = s.replace(/\D/g,""); // remove anything but digits to strip out any pre-existing formatting
return (s.length == 13) ? "+" + Left(s,2) + " " + s.substring(2,6) + " " + s.substring(6,9) + " " + Right(s,3) : "";


21904_DPR BC_Charnell Knorzer 4-10_Proof_r1.pdf

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