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Slip sheet after every record?


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Have a job with about 50 records that is using the repeatRecordCount funtion for any number of repeats.


It would be best to get a slipsheet inbetween every record - is that possible?


Record Name Repeat

1 A 480

2 A 150


(We have modified the repeat to fit the number up from our imp file - 6)



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Well i tell you what i was close to this - it would have worked if they weren't imposed or if i was only composing a 2 page document.


I put in two same size as original pages, one yellow, added a record with the name shlipsheet, wrote a rule for my onrecordstart rule that checked if the record was slipsheet, and if it was turn off the 10 pages in the original document and on the two slip pages. I also was doing the repeatrecord so it was set to 6 so i would get a whole sheet of yellow.


What i got was an error being thrown by the comp engine that i was missing 8 pages in my document and it would insert 8 blank pages.


So if i wanted 10 pages of slipsheets that would have worked great :/


But if it was only a 2 page document and i turned on and off only two pages then it would have flown to the imposition program correctly and there would have been a slipsheet after every record.


I could have done it correctly by not using the imposition engine - and manually imposing the 1-up pdfs, but manually inserting the slipsheets would be easier for this project.


Still open to ideas :)


This funtionality would be interesting for subsequent versions

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