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Hyperlinks help

Brian F.

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I'm trying to create hyperlinks on my store welcome page to jump to certain folders in the catalog and I'm having trouble finding the folder id's.


I found the id for one folder but when I went to another folder and looked at the properties it had the same id.


If it helps the hierarchy is as follows:


Main catalog

Folder A, Folder B, Folder C

Folder A1, Folder A2 etc.


I'm trying to set up links to folders A, B & C.


Can someone help me?



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Hi Brian,


All the catalog folders and products have distinct URLs in a MarcomCentral store.


You can obtain these URLs for hyperlinks by viewing the frame source URL for the products. For catalog folders, there is an extra step required to view the unique URL.


First, search for the folder name, then click on the folder, then view the frame source. The URL should have a Folder ID in it, this will tell you that you have the right URL.


If you need further assistance, your CPM can help you.

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