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Need to keep formated but also "supress if empty" - moving text upwards.


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return ((Field ("issue_date")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_number")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_amount")+"<br>"+
Field ("issue_date2")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_number2")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_amount2")+"<br>"
+Field ("issue_date3")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_number3")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_amount3")+"<br>"
+Field ("issue_date4")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_number4")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_amount4")+"<br>"
+Field ("issue_date5")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_number5")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_amount5")+"<br>"
+Field ("issue_date6")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_number6")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_amount6")+"<br>"
+Field ("issue_date7")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_number7")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_amount7")+"<br>"
+Field ("issue_date8")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_number8")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_amount8")+"<br>"
+Field ("issue_date9")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_number9")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_amount9")+"<br>"
+Field ("issue_date10")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_number10")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_amount10")+"<br>"
+Field ("issue_date11")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_number11")+"<t><t>"+Field("check_amount11")))


Suppress if empty doesn't work nor does suppress if empty variable

tried it as CODE but that rule wants to consider TABS <t> as NON EMPTY...


whats an easy solution?


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Hi, the issue is that the <br> tag makes a new line in the same paragraph. Skip if empty only skips the whole paragraph, so it won't skip just a line. But I think you want this:


var retstr="";
for (i=1;i<=11;i++)
  if (Len(Trim(Field("issue_date"+i))) > 0 && Len(Trim(Field("check_number"+i))) > 0 && Len(Trim(Field("check_amount"+i))) > 0)
    retstr += Field ("issue_date"+i)+"<t><t>"+Field("check_number"+i)+"<t><t>"+Field("check_amount"+i)+"<br>"
return retstr;

I think that will work. I can't test this since I don't have your fields, and hopefully the parentheses match up.  This will skip if any of issue_date or check_number or check_amount are empty. If you only want to skip if all of them are empty change the && to || above.

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Yes, replace this line:

retstr += Field ("issue_date"+i)+"<t><t>"+Field("check_number"+i)+"<t><t>"+Field("check_amount"+i)+"<br>"

with this:

retstr += Field ("issue_date"+i)+"<t><t>"+Field("check_number"+i)+"<t><t>"+FormatNumber("$###,###.00", Field("check_amount"+i))+"<br>";

That will put in leading dollar signs, commas at the thousands place and force two zeros after the decimal.


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