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Plug-ins for Indesign


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Hi there


Just installed FusionPro Desktop and starting to find out what to do :)


When I try to open some of the tutorial files, Indesign says the particular plug-in is missing. I have looked under "configure plug-ins" and cannot see any that are to do with FusionPro Desktop, nor can I find any to import.


Running Indesign CS3 on PC.


Is there a download resource for the relevant plug-ins?


Thanks in advance.



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Hello Paul,


The InDesign and Quark plug-ins should install with FusionPro Desktop. If you have 2 versions of InDesign installed, please see if the plug-in installed in the other version.


All customers of FusionPro Desktop receive free support for installation issues. Please contact fusionProSupport@printable.com and our support team can assist you with this issue if you haven't already resolved it.


Thanks, Paul.

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