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Late-August MarcomCentral Release


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Hi all,


We have pushed an update to the MarcomCentral production environment that you all should see if you login to the Manager or Dashboard.


This update includes rebranding of the UI with the new MarcomCentral UI as well as a number of additional UI tweaks ("5.5 Stores" now known as "Legacy Stores" and "6.0 Stores" now simply know as "Stores") as well the following new features:



  • A new Rich Text Editor control can now be used for versioned form fields. This allows you to give users more creative control over text entry when ordering items in the Store. The extremely configurable feature-set of this control includes features such as spell-check, bold/italic/underline, alignment settings, and cut/copy/paste (including a great "Paste from Word" option)
  • Self-Registration Option to create Text Profile Attributes for users when they register.
  • Numerous Enhancements to Email Notifications
  • Mac support in the Manager! Mac users rejoice - Firefox 3 and Safari 2.0.3+ are now fully supported to administer Stores in the Manager
  • New Flash-based uploader for templates in the Manager

In case you missed the email about this release, here's a link to the release notes for this release:




We are planning on another update (a rather large one, actually) for next week where we will be releasing some previously announced (and a number of unannounced) new features. Stay tuned for more...

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