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Imposition problem

Brian F.

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O.k. I'll try to make this a clear as possible and hopefully someone can help me.


I have created a versioned store product. It has 2 pages. The customer customizes the product and enters an address for a mailing list to be generated. The mail list is generated on our end so it is not a vdp product in the store. The mail list will get added in FusionPro on our end and then imposed and printed 4 up stacked.


Imposition is a pain with 2 page versioned products. Legacy imps won't let you do a 2 page imp and the FPI imps always put an info slug on the pdf. So, I have this product set up with a dummy imposition in Legacy Imps that will allow us to get a 1 up pdf with bleed using the default.


I opened the default pdf in acrobat, created the fields needed and put in the list field names. Everything shows up fine. To make the 4up stacked print file I am trying to use FP Imposer. When I compose the file, it comes out shifted up and to the left so the crop marks don't line up and has a white gap between the 4 images. It is as if FPI is not getting the right bleed info from acrobat.


Can anyone tell me what is going wrong or if there is another way to do this? Is there a way to bring 4 records in and make them stacked on a pdf that is already laid out 4 up? Is there a way to get rid of the info slug for FPI impositions?


This is driving me nuts. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hello Brian,


As we discussed in the ticket you opened with us if all goes as planned you should have the ability to keep the infoslug from appearing on the Dashboard output file when using FPI within the next few weeks.


In the meantime you could use FPI to impose it off-line, then the infoslug won't be added since you're not going through the Dashboard.


Jeff Stehman

Technical Support

Printable Technologies, Inc.

800-220-1727, ext. 686


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