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FusionPro Intelligent Mail Barcode Formatting


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Hi all,


A couple users reported issues with the appearance of the FusionPro Intelligent Mail Barcode that is installed with the FusionPro Desktop product. This font is called "IDAutomation4State". Users have reported that they have to tweak the typesetting of the barcode so it passes Merlin with the USPS.


Printable has reviewed the specifications of the Intelligent Mail Barcode from the USPS RIBBS website. In particular, this document outlines the requirements for this barcode:




We did see that using the standard JS command to generate the barcode as well as the pre-built templated text rule we include (called "OneCode Barcode Rule"), that the barcode was outside of the bars-per-inch requirement (26 bars/inch vs the required 22+-2 bars/inch).


Note: Our barcode font is typeset at 10pt. Any other point-size for this font will fall outside of the other requirements for the barcode appearance.


To resolve this bars/inch issue, tracking of 5% can be applied to the typesetting of this barcode (again - at 10pt). You can apply tracking from the Paragraph Settings in the Variable text editor.


Alternately, you can set tracking right in your JS rule using the <tracking> tag. Here's a sample script (using dummy data for testing) that shows this being used:


return '<tracking newsize="5.00">' + MakeOneCodeBarcode("01234567094987654321", "012345678", null, null, null, null);

For those of you who use the pre-built templated rule "OneCode Barcode Rule", we have created an updated version of this rule. See the attached .zip file to this post. To install, unzip the file and locate the .xml file. Next, navigate to the "\Plug-ins\TemplateXML" folder to see the other templated rules for FusionPro. Back up the existing file "OneCode Barcode.xml" to a safe place and then put this new "OneCode Barcode.xml" file in this folder. Restart Acrobat and see the new rule appear in the Text rules area. Opening this rule will show the new default tracking value of 5% as follows:



OneCode Barcode.zip

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