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Change Graphic Resource based on String Length of a Different Text Field


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I am wondering if there is a way I could make a particular graphic appear if there are more than 50 characters in a certain text field. My reason for doing this is that when the line reaches 50 characters, it hits a background color that is too similar to the font color. I want to place a graphic behind that section of text that will help the text show up better. I don't need/want it to be there, though, if the text is less than 50 characters.


I have tried this rule:


return Resource("BKG")
else return Resource("BKG2")

where BKG is the darker section of the background graphic and BKG2 is the same section of the original background.



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Your logic looks right, but your formatting is wrong. It should be written as:

if(Len(Field("Website")) > 50) {
   return Resource("BKG");
else return Resource("BKG2");

You had a closing parenthesis in the wrong position in the first line, and no brackets "{}" around the first return. You are also forgetting to end your lines with a semicolon. As a result, the code executes the first return statement every time. Technically, you could also simplify your code to:

return (Len(Field("Website")) > 50) ? Resource("BKG") : Resource("BKG2");

Of course, this should be a graphic rule since it returns a graphic element. :)

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