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Sizing Template Pages


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Is there a way to alter the size of a called "template page" from it's original programmed size?


For example...I want to produce a series of medical insurance cards on a final print sheet. There are several different types of insurance card format/layouts that are needed depending on the customers account information so a single programmed layout will not work. The simplest I think would be to create a "template page" for each layout required them call in that template page and place where needed. Simple so far.


Here's the part that I'm stumped with...I also need to create an "example" card with explaination pointers for each item on the card. This card is to be about 10-20% smaller than the original. The client wants the example card to appear the same as the full-sized card in every detail but it can't be the same size thus giving the eventual card-holder an extra card.


I don't want to have to create duplicate "template pages" for each and every card - one full-size and one a 80%. Is there a way to "best-fit" or "copyfit" a template page to a different textbox size than the original dimensions of the template page.


I realize that I'm still on an ancient version of FusionPro, so if the answer to this question is "yes you can do this in version 5.x or 6.x and here's how..." then I would still like to know. That way I can print that out and shove it under my manager's nose so he can get me the proper software and equipment to do my job.



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