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Font not loading


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I have an issue with a font that will not load. Actually two fonts, 'ITC Franklin Gothic Compressed Book' and 'ITC Franklin Gothic Compressed Demi'.


They are placed directly in ~/Library/Fonts and I have reloaded all fonts several times in FusionPro Desktop. I have even thrown out all of the files under /Library/Preferences/Printable/FusionPro/Fonts/ and run 'load all fonts'. There is nothing at all in the fonts.err log mentioning either font.


I have used TransType Pro to convert the fonts to several different formats and none of them have loaded. They do, however, work in Quark, InDesign, etc. so it doesn't seem as though it's the font itself that is bad.


Any ideas would be great.

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Hello Lance,


The '/Library/Preferences/Printable/FusionPro/Fonts/' location is where FusionPro puts fonts into after it loads them and makes reference to them in fonts.ini. Putting the font into that folder should not be done - FusionPro needs to load the font and put it in there after it's been processed.


Can you double-check fonts.ini and fonts.err to look for this font? Sometimes, the font is loaded under a variation of what the name appears to be (there is an internal name of some fonts that differs from what the name appears to be to the user). Try doing a search for "Franklin" or "Gothic" in your font.ini or font.err files to see if you can locate the font.


If all else fails, please send your font to our support team and we'll take a look.



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