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Character limits on multiple fields

Carrie Dodt

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The issue is applying a character limit to multiple fields. I have one line of copy with multiple fields. I have copyfit applied, but if they put in too many characterd, nothing will appear in the fields, is there a way to put a character limit on a string of fields such as this? So it affects the entire line. Or can I post a message through this that says the copy fit is limited & please reduce your text?


Thanks in advance.







Here is the rule:



function AppendText(FullText, Delimiter, NewText)


if (NewText != "")


if (FullText != "")

FullText += Delimiter;


FullText += NewText;



return FullText;



var s = "";

s = AppendText(s, "", Field("GrubbEllisCompany"));

s = AppendText(s, " | ", Field("GrubbEllisAddress"));

s = AppendText(s, " | ", Field("GrubbEllisAddrSte"));

s = AppendText(s, " | ", Field("GrubbEllisCity"));

s = AppendText(s, ", ", Field("GrubbEllisState"));

s = AppendText(s, " ", Field("GrubbEllisZip"));

s = AppendText(s, " | "+'<f name="TheSans B6 SemiBold">', Field("GrubbEllisEmail"));


return s;

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