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how do I place uploaded graphics onto a form


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I am trying to create a versioned peice where customers can upload a map that will inturn be inserted onto the coupon. However, I cannot seem to find a rule that works in returning the uploaded image. At the moment i am using the rule


return CreateResource(Field("UploadFile"), "graphic");

->in this case, the field "UploadFile" is not a real field, but i was hoping it counted as any uploaded file.


I have tried using:


return CreateResource(Field("Graphic Name"), "graphic");

->in this case, the field "Graphic Name" was a field they could type in the actual graphic name.


return CreateResource(Field("StoreNumber")+"map.eps", "graphic");

->in this case, i tried to use a standard naming procedure so they upload a map 12345map.eps if their store number is 12345


Unfortunately, none of these rules has worked for me. Has anyone made any rules that use uploaded graphics, and can you post that rule here?



Meir Galimidi

Allegra Print & Imaging



[i am using windows XP, fusion pro desktop 5.8, adobe acrobat profesional 8]

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You might be over thinking this unless I'm missing something. In the place where you want the map to go just create a graphic box in your layout and set up a field in your form defined as "graphic" instead of "text". You can then designate the field as an "image-drop down menu" field in your form in the manager and set it to allow the user to upload an image.


The graphic box in the layout can be set so the image will scale to the size of the box. You can also set up options for the field in your form to let the user "crop" his image to fit the space when they upload it.


Even if your coupon is a variable image behind it, you just set your layers in the layout so the map image is on top.


Hope this helps.

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