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formatting lines in charts


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I've seen this question asked before, but can't find an answer. Is there any way to control the properties of the line or the data marker in a line chart, other than the color? Since there's no interface in the chart properties, I'm guessing the answer is no, but I wonder if anyone's found a clever workaround?


I have a customer who wants to print charts in black & white, which makes it very hard to separate the data from the grid lines.



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Unfortunately, there is no additional control over the line in the line charts.


FusionPro charting arguably needs a number of enhancements to give users more control over their charts. This is true now more than ever as VDP use in the industry has become much more widespread and applications such as TransPromo gain momentum.


I've done some research in the past as to what customers are looking for in enhancements to charting. Requests were across the board, as I'm sure you can understand, with no single set of enhancements being requested by a majority of the users I spoke with. At last count, I had something on the order of 150 enhancements logged just on charting.


One user mentioned "we want to do everything you can do in Excel" which is a good request in that it gave me an idea of the scope of what users are looking for. Unfortunately, we don't have hundreds of developers at our disposal to enhance charting like Microsoft likely has in their Excel development team. :rolleyes:


These challenges aside, we understand that the need for some level of enhancement to FusionPro charting still exists. I'm sure this user community can be leveraged to define those requirements as well as additional customer interviews. We are actually discussing the product roadmap internally at this time and I'll certainly discuss FusionPro charting with the team.


We'll see what we can do to meet that demand - stay tuned for more!

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