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Intelligent Mail Barcodes


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A client provided to me a database with a field that contains the full 64 character encoded IMB represented as A, D,T, F characters.


I assumed I could place this field on my layout as-is and specify the resulting type as IDAutomation4STATE as it's font.


On screen and in output I get nothing?


What should I be doing? The data does not contain the 'TrackingID' or 'RoutingID' so I can't (as I understand it) use the built-in function to generate a IMB output.




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If your on a MAC gives this a shot.


this is what I did for the IM barcode to work in Fusion Pro.


I registered with USPS to obtain a user name and pass code so I can download the font. It takes about 2 days to get from them.


Went to http://ribbs.usps.gov/onecodesolution/ and logged in.


Proceeded to download file name : uspsFontsNonAFP-1.3.0-compact.zip


Unzipped then copied it to my Library>Fonts folder(MAC)


Opened Acrobat.


Under Fusion Pro tab selected Advance>Load Fonts.


Quit Fusion Pro and Acrobat.


Opened my PDF with the variable data in and inserted the field then changed the font to USPSIMBCOMPACT.


Select font size to 16pt. Previewed it and BAM. There is was working like it should.


This is the second time this Forum has really helped me out.


I just hope this can help someone.

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